Debate: Does The World Need Nuclear?

Solar, wind, and hydropower is on the lips of every environmentalist shouting it to the masses since the Gulf Oil Spill, but what about nuclear? Nuclear energy is starting to gain momentum as government officials look for new sources of energy. Now as you can see in this debate between Stewart Brand and Mark Jacobson, nuclear now has even die-hard environmentalists reconsidering it. In this first-ever TED debate, Stewart Brand and Mark Z. Jacobson... Read More

The Future Of Energy

From a previous post today about how we need to rethink the way we teach future generations about sustainability Boris Wiggers, a fellow friend sent me this video discussing how can we sustain the energy needs of our own country – as well as the rapidly multiplying markets of developing nations like China and India? In this video, The Future of Energy, Higher-education experts across the states share how they are working on new technologies... Read More

Sanyo Reveals World’s Most Efficient Solar Module HIT-N23, Is this Seattle’s Solutions to Solar Power?

Solar power in the Northwest is still in debate when it comes down efficiency in our rainy city. However today electronics giant Sanyo announced the development of what they are claiming is the world’s most efficient solar module. Called the HIT-N230, the new module has an impressive energy conversion efficiency of 20.7% which is unprecedented in the market. This could be a major win for the solar industry in Seattle if these solar panels... Read More

Greenopolis – We are about doing good

Greenopolis makes a very simple – yet powerful – promise to their users: Help you to recycle easily Help to save our natural resources for our children’s children Track conservation through recycling and re-use Educate and reward conservation Through both the On-Line site of Greenopolis and their physical, On-Street presence of Greenopolis Recycling Kiosks, they allow customers to do actual, “trackable” good for the planet. They also... Read More

Solar Energy – Installing Solar Panels

Here’s another video that I created recently for Microsoft Hohm. In this video I met up with Jeremy owner of Puget Sound Energy. During our conversation he goes through some great points about solar energy. I do have some B-side tape with some other great talking points but where out of the spectrum for use with Hohm. If you would like to see the B-side tapes leave a comment and I’ll put something together. [youtube=]  Read More