Social Media Optimization – Verbs Not Nouns

As you step into the engagement process of social media, try thinking of verbs not nouns. What does this mean? It means not focusing too much on the object or artifact: The new product, the big report, the newest social networking platform or adding in the latest social technology into your website. You’re in the business of creating experiences, so focus on the verbs, the actions. The goal is not a more beautiful social optimized shopping website;... Read More

Video SEO

Videos are amazing content pieces for social media. Daily companies and individual users across the web upload videos to YouTube, link them in Facebook and share them on on Twitter, all hoping for the video to go viral. However for almost every this will never happen and even worse most people don’t even get over a couple hundred views. One thing that everyone has control of to increase their chance of a video going viral is optimizing their video... Read More

Infographic On How To Buy Your Own Island

One of my good friends Mohammad always talks about one day he is going to buy his own island. I couldn’t resist to post this infographic purley for this reason. Amazingly after looking at this graphic you can find some relatively cheep islands for sale with water and septic tanks already installed. On more of a serous note this infographic by igulfruise is a great example of content that will be spread around the social web. They got creative with... Read More