Clever Triennial Entries Dispaly Energy Consumption In A New Light

In previous posts I’ve talked about interesting ways to save money such as Prison Pedal Vision Saving Energy and Helping Inmates Loose Weight but very little has been done to creatively display your energy consumption. Lately energy monitors have released great near time devices however they just split the information into a bar graph or nice pie graph. This is all fine and dandy however, if you’re trying to engage your kids in saving energy... Read More

Amazing Water Bottle Sky “Light”

After a nice break this weekend full of mountain biking and hanging out with the family on Fathers Day I received and interesting video from Anika Lehde on some simple but quite amazing water bottle sky lights. The automatic on / off interior solar lamp was invented in Brasil by Mr Alfredo Moser, a mecanics worker in a humble environment. In 2002, during a long electrical shortage, at Uberaba, São Paulo, Brasil, Mr Alfredo Moser discovered a... Read More