Become Zlatan Zuperfly with Nike’s Virtual Game


  Nike has just released a new marketing campaign for the Zlatan soccer shoe. The campaign started by strapping a 360 camera on Zlatan Ibrahimovic to give gamers POV perspective of the soccer star running, dogging and scoring. If you’re a fan you can now play in Zlatan shoes at Nike’s “Zuperfly” game to test [...]

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Sometimes You Just can’t Do it

  I went riding with my friends earlier this week and I think I just discovered Nike’s new slogan. What else do you think the quotation should say?

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Nike+ Iphone App Just Released

Nike+ launched about two years ago leading the way for corporate social networks. They built a platform that gave connectivity and interactivity. Obviously this platform had a great appeal for serious runners however, Nike took it to the next level allowing users to communicate with other runner around the globe. Their main leading success factor [...]

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