The Voice, Reporters Without Boarders

As 2dbarcodes become more and more prominent in the U.S. you’re going to see some great implementations. Creativity and interactive users experiences are vital for the success of this technology. This is one of my favorites so far.  Read More

Facebook Real Life Like Button

Connecting the digital and the real-world is becoming more and more prominent. With advancing  technologies such as RFID, Mobile Tagging, augmented reality and image recognition people are becoming more connected every day. The video blow shows a new implementation of RFID chips that allows visitors at the AutoRAI 2011 Motor show to physically like cars that they come across at the event. What other implementations have you seen that connect the... Read More

GOAB: Integrated Social TV

  With this concept birthed out of the digital agency Syzygy I’m excited to see how TV could actually become interesting to me again. The best way to think about this concept is that your mobile device can sync with your TV to become a social interactive remote control. This ideas allows TV watchers to share, chat, see more than what’s on their TV’s screen and most importantly work intelligently with what you like dislike and suggest shows... Read More

Mobile Checkin–Connecting Mobile and PC Expereinces

  Mobile gaming is a hot topic but what about connecting a user’s mobile device to their PC to use it a remote-control? This idea from AlmapBBDO for a Gol campaign was live for five days generating an average of 2,500 calls per day. Man only if a University would do this to attract new students.    Read More

3-d Modeling With a Cell Phone

  Mobile technology has been advancing rapidly of the past few years and now your mobile phone can create 3-d models  without the budget of a feature motion movie. Eric Stollniz one of the Microsoft researchers on this project stated “We want everybody with a cell phone or regular digital camera to be able to capture 3-D objects” This project can add a whole new dimension (no pun intended) to mobile marketing, gaming and advertising.... Read More

Social Mobile Gaming

Social mobile gaming will become increasingly prominent in social marketing and advertising over the next year . With the computing, motion and GPS technology built into smart phones the possibilities are endless. The following social mobile game for Hitman “Hitman Vendetta” was put together to keep their audience engaged until they release their new game. Take a look for yourself. Top take aways: Uses geoloction to identify others near you Alerts... Read More

Print: The #1 Medium Social Marketers Overlook

If social marketing is done right it will integrate with many different business groups inside an organization. However there is one medium that is almost always overlooked when it comes to social marketing… Print. I’m not talking about adding a short link or URL on a flier or magazine adds. I’m talking about using print as a portal to your social marketing efforts. When it comes to integrating social marketing into print there are three key... Read More

Your Identity Defined By Your Mobile Phone

This is a great infographic from reviewing how people view themselves via their phones. It’s interesting to think that identities can be made from a persons mobile device. What do you think?  Read More

Making Print Social

For many years businesses have looked to print for their advertising brochures, pamphlets, fliers, newspapers etc. as a way to spread the news about their products or services. With the boom of the internet and moreover, the boom of the social web, print advertising has faced a downward spiral due to the easy access of the web through mobile devices and exponential growth of highly engage social networks such as Facebook. The increased cost of print... Read More

Redesign: Lawsuits In the Mobile Business [Infographic]

designlanguage: An attempt at redesigning this chart from The Guardian to make the plaintiffs and defendants a bit more clear  Read More