Classified – Things Are Looking Up

When I think of Canada I have to admit hip-hop isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, hip-hop artist Classified is lyrically gifted and has an ear for loops that just flat out make you feel good. Maybe it’s all the bad weather they get up in Canada that drives his insouciant flows.  If you’re ready for a pick-me-up to easy your way out of work and into your weekend this is a record that you need to play.    Read More

Solillaquists of Sound

Discovered by firebrand rapper Sage Francis, the Solillaquists’ combustible live presence prompted the world renowned MC to take them along on two global tours. Steered by machine-gunning MC and Vocal Polyrhythmatician Swamburger, The Solillaquists achieve lift-off with the fervent virtuosity of MPC (MIDI Production Center) whiz DiViNCi. Yet the urgency of this group’s approach is keenly tempered with the harmonic vibrance of Alexandrah’s... Read More

Chali 2na, Comin Thru

Fist time I heard of Chali 2na was in middle school on a skate video. His voice has stuck with me ever since and if you haven’t heard him before I guarantee that you won’t for get him either. The following song is Comin’ Through and it’s the best quality track that I could find so you can get the full experience. However, he’s also amazing live and uses a full band not just a beat machine when performing. Kick back turn... Read More

Grynch – Timeless Feat. Jon Hope & La

  Local artist to Seattle, the Grynch has released a new EP “Timeless” and I just heard one of the new tracks called Timeless on my way to work this morning. Smooth beast and guest Jon Hope & La I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this new track. If you like this song you might also like Language Arts Crew – Lazy Daze In California  Read More

Language Arts Crew – Lazy Daze In California

  Language Arts Crew are new to me, picked up this song when I was listening to Pandora today and I think I’m going to have to grab one of their albums. The group remind me of  Jurassic5 and People Under The Stairs with flowing hooks and playful banter between the different M.C.’s. Hope you enjoy them as well and make sure to send some of your favorite music over as well.  Read More