Graffiti Robot

Designed by So Kanno and Takahiro Yamaguchi, the “Senseless Drawing Robot” (that’s them calling it senseless, not me) combines random programming with even more random motion to spray paint randomness2 along whatever wall you park it next to. One thing’s for sure: humans aren’t allowed to be doing this. SENSELESS DRAWING BOT from yang02 on Vimeo.  Read More

Roa in Chicago, Street Art

I received these amazing photos in my feed today from Unurth an amazing street art blog. The artist Roa was in Chicago with Pawn Works and painted these amazing murals on the Hedrich Blessing architectural photography studio. The Ferret piece is one of my favorites, I love when graffiti artist integrate the existing architecture in to their work. images by Brock Brake  Read More

Street Confetti

Street art is developing in ways most people can’t imagine. Os Gemeos is probably one of my favorite street artists out of Brazil. They’ve probably have had one of the biggest impacts on modern street art. This image was captured by Martin Wunderwald. (via This is colossal)  Read More

Graffiti Meets Infographics

A Netherlands fire department is taking an unique way to display their achievements over the past couple of years. They’ve created a data rich mural in their firehouse design by Duo Stavnice. The visualization show’s the call’s of the fire house over the last 10 years and all of the action they have made. What’s interesting is that the firehouse is right on a highway and most of their calls are for accidents on that particular part of the... Read More