Alfie Kohn VS. Dwight Schrute [video]

Incentives, contest, and even badges are still hot topics for engaging and increasing following ratios on social media. But are they always the best way to increase you branding? Here’s a short video using thoughts from Alfie Kohn, who has written several books, including “Punished By Rewards.” and Dwight Schrute  the well-known character in the television comedy, “The Office.” Talking about incentivizing people compared to the content... Read More

Vocus: A New Social Monitoring and Engagement Tool

If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it, but what tools and metrics do you rely on to measure your success or failures in social media. Vocus just recently release their social monitoring tool allowing people to monitor and engage blogs, Facebook groups, forums and much more. Here’s a video with Kye Strance, discussing the new product, its target audience and how it’s selling I’ll be testing out the tool shortly and... Read More

Are We Connected Situationally or Sustainably?

My dad picked me up a Nook yesterday and I’m loving it, so far I’ve picked up a new book called Hot, Flat, and Crowded my Thomas L. Friedman and have been chewing through it the past day. This book isn’t completely new to me since Kyle G. Crider wrote a review on it for one of the communities I manage for Microsoft Hohm. Kyle brought in some great insight mainly around a quote from David Douglas, vice-president of eco-responsibility for Sun... Read More

6 Ways To Positively Cope With Difficult Community Behavior

1. Establish House Rules Make simple rules for your community. Start with a few “things we do and don’t do.” Discuss them with the community that you’re managing. 2. Prevention Is Better Than Cure If you feel that your community’s behavior is beginning to get out of control, “nip it in the butt” by distracting your audience attention onto a positive activity or game. 3. Understand Your Community’s Behavior Define... Read More