Got a Cat? There’s an App for that

Just like cats and tanks you’re going to see this video flare up around the entire web. Friskies has done an amazing job marrying people’s obsession with cats and technology into three iPad applications that are designed for cats. The games play off the natural instincts of cats and will allow cat owners to film more videos to infiltrate the web. Here’s to you Friskies -      Read More

Russian Roulette, Put Your Digital Life on the Line

Maybe inspired by the russian roulette scene in the movie Deer Hunter Miami Ad School in Europe cam up with a concept for Russian Standard Vodka where users put their digital life on the line. If you loose the digital russian roulette game your Facebook profile will be shutdown and messages will go out to your friends that your digital life has ended. This concept isn’t completely new, a social mobile game created for the blockbuster game Hitman... Read More