WVIL Concept: Detachable SLR Camera Lens


Cameras have been changing rapidly over the years and the one that is seeing the most innovation is the camera on your phone. Artefact design team is combining the connectivity and application technology of contemporary smartphones with interchangeable DSLR camera tech. Concept Camera: The WVIL from Artefact on Vimeo.

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The Voice, Reporters Without Boarders

reporters without boarders

As 2dbarcodes become more and more prominent in the U.S. you’re going to see some great implementations. Creativity and interactive users experiences are vital for the success of this technology. This is one of my favorites so far.

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Chromaroma, Turning Your Daily Commute Into a Game


  I’m not sure how many people will actually play this but the concept is great. Chromaroma leverages the obvious while to many times people try to reinvent the whee. Chromaroma leverages exiting habitual actions that people do everyday and turns it into a mobile game. To find those habits or routines and leverage them [...]

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Consumer View on Mobile tagging


  One of the project that we’ve been working on at Tag is to try to find out how consumer feel when they interact with different mobile tagging solutions. Here’s the data that we received from a third party that I think you’ll find interesting. Day in the Life of Mobile Tagging View more presentations [...]

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Mobile Tagging Success


We’ve just released another infographic from Microsoft Tag. The below infographic covers the momentum that Microsoft Tag has had recently. If you don’t like infographics here’s some quick bullet points. The infogrpahic can be shared or downloaded via the slideshare below. March 2011 had the most scans of any month so far, with over 50 [...]

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Mobile Checkin–Connecting Mobile and PC Expereinces


  Mobile gaming is a hot topic but what about connecting a user’s mobile device to their PC to use it a remote-control? This idea from AlmapBBDO for a Gol campaign was live for five days generating an average of 2,500 calls per day. Man only if a University would do this to attract new [...]

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3-d Modeling With a Cell Phone

  Mobile technology has been advancing rapidly of the past few years and now your mobile phone can create 3-d models  without the budget of a feature motion movie. Eric Stollniz one of the Microsoft researchers on this project stated “We want everybody with a cell phone or regular digital camera to be able to [...]

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