Analog Alarm Clock


When I was fifteen I had one of those old school black rectangular alarm clocks that sounded like nails scrapping across a chalk board. It drove me mad until one day I woke up and threw it across the room. Apparently designer Jamie McMahon has had the same experience and decided to make a solution. [...]

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Liquid Font by Ruslan Khasanov


If you’ve ever seen the movie Helvetica you know about the niche community of designers that focus their entire lives on this trade. Ruslan Khasanov created a new font au revoir, by pouring wet ink on wet paper to form each letter and then shot nearly 600 digital photos. Ruslan sorted through the plethora of [...]

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Scott Weaver, Kinetic Sculpture


Patients is a virtue right? Well in art, abortively! Thirty five years ago Scott Weaver started on this toothpick kinetic sculpture. This is way before I was even born, it’s hard to even imagine the dedication that this took. The sculpture is designed of multiple “tours” of the bay area. When you drop a ping-pong [...]

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Miso Wheat Pasting


Wheat pasting usually comes in the form of posters on the street. You know the big wooden boards that sit in the city streets that have a million movie posters on them with half of them torn. Australian artist Miso (Stanislava Pinchuk) takes a new approach with wheat pasting and uses it to beautify the [...]

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Nesting Doll


I never thought I would do a blog post about dolls but the time has finally come. The painted anatomical nesting dolls from Stuntkid illustrator Jason Levesque are amazing in concept and style. (via This is colossal)

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Festival of Color


Wanting to test out the slow motion setting on his Cannon 7d  Brian Thompson grab a couple shots of the Festival of Colors, also known as Holi, at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah. What Brian thought was going to be a test came out amazing and I don’t think I’m [...]

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Graham Caldwell Otherwordly Sculptures


Brooklyn-based artist Graham Caldwell has a distinctive style using a variety of blown glass, steel, epoxy, mirrors, and other materials to create these out of this world sculptures. Personally the work that he does with mirrors grabs my attention and I could spend a lot of time looking into each individual mirror to see what [...]

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