Mobile Web Apps vs Native Apps

Have you ever wondered what the difference of Mobile Web Applications (the web pages that people can find using a browser on their mobile phone) and Native Applications (the apps that you have to download from and app store) here’s an infographic that will help you understand the differences. The infographic itself is designed not to give a bias if web apps or native apps are better than the other. But few understand the role that each can play in a mobile marketing and advertising strategy.

Native applications are usually over promoted simply because the hype and buzz around “there’s an app for that”. Native applications are expensive to build/maintain, have to be optimized for different mobile devices, are not searchable on the web and you are usually charged a fee to distribute them in an app store. Where mobile applications are less expensive, easier to maintain, can be accessed by any mobile device and doesn’t cost you a thing to distribute.

Even if you look at mobile user behavior mobile web applications dominate search 73%, shopping 63% and entertainment 60% compared to native app usage. So when you’re looking through the comparison of mobile web applications vs native applications below keep in mind that mobile web applications are growing in consumer usage even through they might lack some technological advantages compared to native apps.


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