5 Ways To Use Your Social Profiles for SEO

SEOmoz whiteboard Friday has a great video showing 5 differnt ways how to use your social profiles for SEO. The tips are solid and I highly suggest watching this video.

SEOmoz – SEO Software

TIP: go to their page where this video is embedded on their site and you’ll see the whole video transcription on the page. It looks a little like this.

Hi, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. This week we’re talking about social media profiles. A lot of marketers, a lot of people in the SEO field know and realize that social media profiles can be valuable for their marketing efforts on the Web. But they don’t know exactly how to use them or where to use them. That’s what I am going to try to help you with today. So, what we have are five great ideas around how to leverage your social profiles to help with SEO and then some specific tactics and recommendations on each one that I think even some of the advanced folks will find pretty valuable.

So, let’s start here with direct links. You can see that, basically, I can take my profile on a LinkedIn, a Twitter, a Facebook, a MySpace, a Digg, a Reddit, a Hacker News. There are tons of these, hundreds of these. In fact, I’ll link you over. We’ve got sort of a list going on SEOmoz somewhere. You can take these, create profiles on here, and these profile pages oftentimes will have a followed link, sometimes will have a no followed link, but even that’s okay, and point that link over to your website. So, essentially, MySite.com is now getting some credit. And this pen is getting thrown in the trash. Oh, I missed. Sadly missed.

This key for Video SEO. All this text will be read by search engines where if they didn’t add the transcript of the video they would have missed out on all of this content because bots by Google and Bing do not read the audio of a video.

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