How To Use Google Trends For Your Social Media Engagement

Understanding how to use Google Adwords to define keywords for targeting your audience is a great skill to have underneath your belt. Using this tool to break out your primary and secondary keywords to search conversations and implement your engagement strategy will help you highly target your social media efforts. However, what if you’re looking to create content to start a conversation on a topic that is trending upward but hasn’t gone mainstream?

Google Trends is a powerful tool to help you understand the variance of the search volume of a specific keyword. Understanding the trends of keywords is as important as defining your primary and secondary keywords. Using Google Trends you can create content for niche groups of people on the social web. If the content is engaging and unique more than likely you’ll be able to increase the volume of conversation in a upward trending keyword segment and drive traffic to your site. More importantly being the one of the first to present a piece of content that drives traffic to your site and others in the community link back to you early in the keyword’s popularity it will pay dividends over time.


TIP: After you’ve created your primary and secondary keyword lists rank them by their trend. When you see the search volume in Google’s Adword Keyword tool you can’t see the trends of the keyword. The highest search term that you find in the Adwords tool might be hitting the roof or even declining. Using the trends tool you’ll be able to adjust your priorities to the conversations that are increasing or decreasing helping you target and make a mark not only in established conversation but new hot topics as well.

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