Self Sustaining City Produces 4x The Amount Of Energy Than It Consumes


As some cities are struggling to  supply antiquate and consistent energy to the community the Sonnenschiff solar city in Freiburg, Germany is producing 4 times the amount of energy that they consume. As many projects in the states brage about thier new-zero impact this community is taking sustainable living to a whole new elver. Sonnenschiff applied a very simple strategy when designing their city by implementing solar panels through the city. It’s almost obvious but in most cases solar is almost an after thought when cities in the states are built. Incorporating renewable energy sources into the design stage of a city or a home needs to become more of a standardized practice.


The city is mixed of commercial and residential buildings designed around sustainability and renewable energy. The design are relatively simplistic however, they are highly functional in their layout, availability for green space and optimal positioning of solar arrays allowing the city to supply more energy than they need.

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