Environmentalist Pointing Fingers Again! At Least This Time It’s Pretty Funny


In a previous post Environmentalist Love To Point Fingers But Hate When Others Point Back I coverd how environmentalist usually will point the darker sides out in others however, they’ll rarely talk about when they have been wrong. Today is another great example of how environmentalist go for the low blow but at least this time they added some humor into thier usually staunch, serious remarks.

Multiple different groups from the Sierra Club to the VoteVets.org came together to raise $11 million for a oil slinging campaign (literally). The purpose of the video personally calls out Sens. Burr (NC), Johanns (NE), Nelson (NE), McCaskill (MO) and Reid (NV  on Sen. Murkowski’s “Big Oil Bailout” resolution, which would have stripped the EPA of its authority to regulate carbon emissions.

The Sierra Club’s Michael Brune on the ads:

“As the nation continues to grapple with the BP oil disaster, one thing remains very clear – the urgent need to end to our dependence on oil. Now is the time for real action from our nation’s leaders to craft a foundation on which we can build an America free from oil addiction, create millions of new clean energy manufacturing, construction, and service jobs here at home, and reduce the carbon pollution that is threatening our economy, our health, and our climate. We’re joining our colleagues in the national security, labor, and conservationist communities today to tell Senators that the American people won’t tolerate shills for Big Oil and that won’t settle for anything less than a clean energy future.”

The ads in Florida depict Sen. Nelson as covered in oil, with his life in danger. Only action on climate and energy can save him. Nelson has been attacked over his connection to Big Oil and his vote is considered crucial to getting to 60, the minimum to avoid a filibuster.

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