Amazing Water Bottle Sky “Light”


After a nice break this weekend full of mountain biking and hanging out with the family on Fathers Day I received and interesting video from Anika Lehde on some simple but quite amazing water bottle sky lights. The automatic on / off interior solar lamp was invented in Brasil by Mr Alfredo Moser, a mecanics worker in a humble environment.

In 2002, during a long electrical shortage, at Uberaba, São Paulo, Brasil, Mr Alfredo Moser discovered a way to gather sun light in the house through plastic bottles hanging from the roof. First shown at the Globo Reporter in the 25th May 2007.

Alfredo Moser was pressed by a scarce electricity substitution and found out that he could light his house with a bottle of water filled with water and a protection cap made of camera film.

The bottle is just refracting sunlight very effectively and produces an equivalent light power compared to a 50/60W lamp. In a rainy day, even without much light and direct sun, one still have some light. Scientist have now visited Moser and are looking into ways to take this concept to maximize its potential.

These kind of ideas that are simple but highly efficient are quintessential in finding a solution to our energy crisis. More importantly there needs to be a platform for tinkerers and inventors to share ideas and collaborate. Large companies and fancy startups do bring allot to the table however, in most cases it’s the average Joe working in his garage or on his computer that finds an amazing solution.

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