Sustainable Home Design: Top Five Create Sustainable Living Ideas

When everything boils down to the green movement design will be one of the pinnacle tipping points for acceptance into the main stream. Even though many of these homes are made out of simple renewable or reused products they are done in a beautiful way where they actually look more appealing then our everyday cookie cutter homes. Kick off your shoes grab a drink and enjoy perusing through the street of dreams of sustainable buildings.

Bamboo isn’t just for pandas

This open air construction and the large overhanging tin roofs allow for
natural ventilation but still provide ample shade from the hot sun. The foundation is poured concrete and the structure is formed with steel, while the bamboo rings are covered in burlap to provide more shade and protection. In total, the small jungle home in Guanacoste, Costa Rica cost $40,000 to construct.

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Just genius – Architect Gary Chang

Space is tight (not to mention expensive) in Hong Kong. What’s the solution? Architect Gary Chang has come up with an ingenious design: a small, 344 sq. ft. “accordion” apartment that can transform into 24 different rooms, simply by employing the use of sliding panels and walls.
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Live in a shoe how about live in a tube -

Students from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany have been experimenting with a very unique new type of modular housing unit. Rollit is a cylindrical experimental house that includes everything you’d need in a home for one. A bit like a mouse in a wheel, the resident pushes the unit by walking in the center to rotate the structure to the desired position. Simply exert a little bit of energy to access a bed, a lounge chair, a table, built in storage, a shower, a toilet, or even the kitchen sink!

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Wood Pallet Recycled Home

While not totally prefabricated, the Manifesto House by Infiniski utilizes pre-made materials like shipping containers and wooden pallets to create a totally rad modern house. Infiniski’s mission is to build homes cheaply and quickly using sustainable materials while incorporating renewable energy systems. They have many designs already available, which can be interchanged and easily modified

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Travel Like a Hobbit -

Architect Matteo Thun has designed this striking eco-friendly hotel to be located on a mountainside in the National Park of Stelvio in the Italian Alps. Composed of a series of underground buildings linked by undulating green roofs, the complex takes advantage of passive design principles and ground-source heat pumps to conserve energy. In addition, the construction of the units, the way the units are situated on the site, and the materials used have all been carefully considered to minimize the complex’ impact upon the environment.

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