Day 11 – Kayaking On Lake Washington


Last week I went sea kayaking with my sister and had a blast paddling around the Puget Sound. So for day eleven I was able to get out of work a little early and meet up with Bryan to go kayaking on Lake Washington. We went down to Cascade Canoe & Kayak to rent our boats and launch out into the water. They have a great place there with very personable people that are more than willing to help, give you tips, and make sure you have a fun time on the water.

The head cam actually ran out of power while we were on the water however, I think we got some great video. Starting at the Cascade Canoe & Kayak in Renton, WA we put in right across from Boeing field and started heading north to Mercer island. It was great! Misty rain, and fog made for conditions where most people wouldn’t go out so we were the only people on the water. After head out to Mercer Island we headed back and cruised the beaches of Coulon Park where there was a mix of colorful trees from the season change standing next to the amazing evergreens of the northwest.


I hope you enjoyed the video and go out and try it for yourself. If you need some people that are fun and motivated to try some new sports with reach out on NWevolution to head out with us on my 31 days of 31 activities or match up with other members on the site.

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