Vyclone a mobile startup worth keeping an eye on


After the $1 billion purchase of Instagram by Facebook, the tech community has been looking at mobile video applications to be the next big thing. Like Instagram, Socialcam and a handful of other video application are pushing hard to lead the way in the industry in hopes for a big buyout. Most of these video [...]

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Mobile Web Apps vs Native Apps


Have you ever wondered what the difference of Mobile Web Applications (the web pages that people can find using a browser on their mobile phone) and Native Applications (the apps that you have to download from and app store) here’s an infographic that will help you understand the differences. The infographic itself is designed not [...]

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NFC breeding a new class of “tangible” applications


The past couple of weeks we’ve released a variety of scenarios on how NFC can be used. Today I wanted to show some examples beyond mobile payments where you can see NFC in action.   Instead of just looking at a small screen and pressing buttons, NFC is breeding a new class of “tangible” mobile [...]

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How to use NFC and 2dbarcodes for Events


Earlier I posted on the possibilities of NFC and today we’ve got the first of five examples of how NFC can be used in a real-life campaign. One of the great ways to leverage NFC and 2D barcode technology is to pair them together and provide your customers with a frictionless mobile experience. Today we [...]

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